Yorkville Rain Barrel Competition Summer 2013


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Windows to Our Community: Summer 2013

Windows to Our Community:  Summer 2013

This is a recent painting that I completed for the Oswego Community Art Project “Windows to Our Community.” Artists were given old windows as their canvas and had to incorporate a community theme in their piece.

My window was titled “Hudson Crossing.” It is a picture of the Hudson Crossing Park foot bridge in downtown Oswego. I did a painting in acrylic paints based off a photograph that I took of the foot bridge. My window came in third place. I am looking forward to entering again this upcoming summer.

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Who Let the (Bull)Dogs Out?

Last night was the official “Bulldog Unleashing” in downtown Batavia.  The event was host to over 150 people, including sponsors, artists, local media, and bulldog art enthusiasts.  It was great to see all the bulldogs together.  The enthusiasm from the sponsors and community was such a rewarding feeling after working on this project for over a month.  The representatives from Veolia Environmental Services were awe struck when they finally got to see V.E.S.SIE in person.  They absolutely loved how she turned out, and were proud to call her their own.  What a pack of artistic creativity and talent these dogs have to show off throughout the summer months.  Every dog was on display is an amazing piece of work and the wide variety of artistic talent that is on display is inspiring.

Overall this is a great project that the City of Batavia has pulled together to get art out in the community.  Being an advocate for the arts in the community and art education, I feel that projects like the “Bulldogs Unleashed” solidifies the importance of art and art education in schools and communities.


Keep an eye out for more local coverage of the event through local media papers and television.  (Yours truly was interviewed on BATV talking about my dog design and art process)  Check out these web sites for articles, pictures, and events surrounding this summer long event:






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V.E.S.SIE The Bulldog

Well I have come to the last weekend available to work on my bulldog, and I am happy to report it is completely finished and waiting to be picked up for the kickoff on June 10th.  It is hard to believe that just 5 weeks ago this bulldog was all white and waiting to be transformed.  After dedicating numerous hours after work and on the weekends, I am proud of the outcome of how my initial design translated to this large 4’tall, 6′ long, 3’wide form.

I encourage everyone to take some time if you are in the Batavia area this summer to wander downtown and check out all these great works of art.  My dog and the other dogs are all going to be on display starting June 10th through September 10th.  The City of Batavia is planning on having an “unleashing” of the bulldogs on Friday June 10th at 7:00pm at the Downtown River Walk.  All the artists and sponsors are going to be there to celebrate the beginning of this community arts project.  For the continuation of the summer the dogs will be on location at various spots in the downtown area.  My dog, V.E.S.SIE, will be on display on East Wilson Street…I believe on one of the bump outs of the Wilson Street Bridge. 

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Busy Painting Weekend

One week closer to the deadline and I think I am running on schedule.  After stalking out Veolia Trucks on Friday and painting all day Sunday, everything is turning out that I may be finished ahead of time! (Fingers Crossed)  I have officially named my bulldog too.  Her name is V.E.S.SIE The Bulldog. (Yes its a girl dog, because Vessie seems like a girly name)  The name incorporates my sponsor Veolia Environmental Services, hence the V.E.S.

Also Keep on the lookout for promotional posters around the Batavia area in June.  Vessie, along with the two other big dogs, will be featured on the poster.  I do believe that posters will be available to purchase as well.  I will make sure to post updates when I know of further information. 

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Bulldog Progress

June 1st is approaching fast!  The work continues on my bulldog.  Thank you Mother Nature for allowing spring to arrive in the Chicago-land area.  It makes for much better painting and decoupaging environment.   So far I have all the puzzle pieces planned out and traced on.  Right now I am blocking in where the large logo is going to be, as well as waiting on the images I received from the company to be laser printed (which will allow the inks to last longer in the weather) so I can decoupage them on the dog.  So far everything seems to be turning out as planned…knock on wood, or in my case a large fiberglass bulldog!

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A Rain Barrel Side Project

While I was working on starting the Bulldog, I was asked to do a rain barrel as a wedding gift.  In my desire to explore painting on different surfaces, I created a design that incorporated the bride’s and groom’s initials on a tree that when the barrel is turned the seasons change incorporating the theme of love everlasting throughout the seasons.  

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