Busy Painting Weekend

One week closer to the deadline and I think I am running on schedule.  After stalking out Veolia Trucks on Friday and painting all day Sunday, everything is turning out that I may be finished ahead of time! (Fingers Crossed)  I have officially named my bulldog too.  Her name is V.E.S.SIE The Bulldog. (Yes its a girl dog, because Vessie seems like a girly name)  The name incorporates my sponsor Veolia Environmental Services, hence the V.E.S.

Also Keep on the lookout for promotional posters around the Batavia area in June.  Vessie, along with the two other big dogs, will be featured on the poster.  I do believe that posters will be available to purchase as well.  I will make sure to post updates when I know of further information. 

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One Response to Busy Painting Weekend

  1. Angela says:

    Beautiful work, Heidi! I can’t wait to see the final product. When will the Bulldogs take to the streets?

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